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Downloadable DANK CV

We are DANK Collective! 


Formed at the height of the meme epidemic in late 2016 from Kingston School of Art, DANK members include: Grant Bingham, Tori Carr, James D. Hopkins, Ian Williamson, and Zen Khalid.


We are a group of young British artists that focus on the absurdity, humour, and violence of post-irony culture. We exist predominantly online, using our Instagram account to post degenerated images, memes, internet trash, and grotesque infotainment, unashamed of our millennial satire. To feed the insatiable nature of online content production we use video, live-streaming, installation, and performance, where we vomit, regurgitate material, and then give back to the machine. Everything is content for content's sake. 


With the accelerated nature of communication and the way misery, anger, and panic spread like wildfire online, things often feel more hopeless than they actually are. DANK views this moral panic phenomenon as something that is strangely liberating, where the presence of technology in our daily lives induces a utopian and dystopian dichotomy. Whilst we are continually informed about the wonders of new technological advancements, we are simultaneously informed about the crypto state that this new technology allows to succeed from state surveillance to the spread of misinformation.


Within this dichotomy, our online experiences do not become binary but envelop into these complex blends of horror, fantasy, humour, and pleasure as digital and physical spaces continually merge and collapse. To excavate this process, DANK re-establishes online subcultures and DIY corners of the internet into physical manifestations. Using humour and our idiosyncratic grotesqueness we subject the audience to a dizzying spin of content and surface, taking them deeper and deeper into a disorientating tangent of pleasure and excess. 


We are DANK Collective!

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